PREMIERE: Patriarchy - The Man For You


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The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new music video by Patriarchy. Starting with a quote from the obscure cult movie “The Sheik” (1921, starring Rudolph Valentino), the video clip for “The Man For You”, leading track of the album “The Unself” (to be released on August 26th) by Patriarchy works effectively well as its musical score. Inspired on the Arabian leitmotiv of this silent movie, the composition, according to its creator Huizenga, came out of her “strong ritualistic routine and into a chaotic semi-relationship full of amazing sex and non-verbal interactions”. This “carnality and confusion” hedonism with “no control” became her “Unself”, an exercise of “fantasy and failure” in the name of Love. Having Matia Simovich of Inhalt as a producer and John Fryer (a well regarded musician and producer of great bands such as Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil) also piloting the mixing and production, the results of putting into music the extremes of all love boundaries, sound as a fully realized achievement. Since in the reality an “understanding could never be reached”, on its musical realm, with melodic floating lines echoing 80’s synthpop, the final product is solid, pleasant and addictive. Huizenga reflects and reveals that “the ancient philosophers are partially right” because “there is something to hold on to in Life - even if it is complete Nothingness. That Nothingness is Everything. That Nothingness is Love”. Winning and losing it, and exposing herself as the “victim and the predator”, in a Dionysiac pronunciation of the nature of a Love without limits, she kills “for the thing which devours” her and “give in to The Unself”. This wild seductive adventure is her lover “through” her “art”. The peculiar artistic path “to merge Into The Unself”. Pre-order 'The Unself’ here now: Watch the video:

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