PREMIERE: Data Assault & Macroassembler - They Hate Me (bass Battle Edit) [PACSC001]


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The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Data Assault & Macroassembler. The Brazilian artists deliver the killer whirlwind electro banger "They Hate Me (bass Battle Edit)", which comes off the the Germany/Brazil based imprint Program and Control first V.A. 'Xenosonics - Vol. 1' summarizes the label's manifest to highlight the interlocution and dissonance between artists from latin america and europe, projecting local scenes globally. The release feature 12 tracks from Rhr, Manao, Jadzia, Alys, Macro Assembler, Data Assault, Moogie Fox, Alada, Cobber, Dj Unisex, Eram ft. Tabu, Mistica , Zelada. In face of our global political dystopia, one must let one's skin feel and carefully trust the noise one chooses to make, so that this landscape is unbuilt and no longer lacks a sense of belonging. In these mixtures of sounds that stand between the mechanical, rhythmic and dreamy there is a proposition to dilute notions of time, space, and individuality, but their negation exposes their respective densities; at the same time they evaporate, they viscerally present themselves. Out December 2nd on Bandcamp. Pre-order: @programandcontrolrecords @dataassault @macroassembler

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