What goes into managing a hospitality brand versus a luxury retail brand? | Dagmar Symes, General Manager, Hill Robinson Project Management, Saudi Arabia


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Any institution, whether it is society or organization, in the present century cannot function effectively without women’s equal participation in leadership activities. Women create a perspective that brings competition and collaboration to organizations and teams.

About Dagmar Symes

  • A results-oriented Senior Executive and specialist in the Luxury Industry with a diverse experience within the Luxury Retail and Hospitality field.
  • A solid track record in driving teams to deliver successful results both in terms of quality and business performance.
  • Extremely high “People” skills, and strong ability to motivate teams to deliver exceptional results regardless of the situation and business environment.
  • Strong emphasis on building and developing Owner Relations, priority on protecting Owners' Assets, and business interests, and achieving budgeted EBITA.
  • Strong ability to build a positive rapport between Owners, Stakeholders, and the Company to meet organizational needs.
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