Reasons to Invest in your Personal Brand now | Corey Dissin, Owner, The Corey Dissin Companies; Personal Branding Expert


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Who doesn’t know the importance of a brand in business? But, how often do we give a thought to personal branding? A concept that might sound strange is of high value, especially in times, when everyone strives to have a meaningful work life.

A personal brand, like a company's brand, is an ongoing and never-ending process. One has to consciously put in effort into developing and maintaining one. But what does that mean? How to start? How to maintain? We have all your questions answered with a personal branding expert today.

About Corey Dissin

  • For the CEO or an average Joe, The Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of Content Corey Dissin has provided grassroots guidance and has mentored professionals around the world to 10x their personal brands and unique selling positions through social media as a one-on-one marketing and business coach.
  • Entrepreneurs also rely on Corey’s motivational support to create a pragmatic and personalized approach to organize time, get you out of your own way, refine sales communications and optimize business infrastructures.
  • As a long-serving head of two national corporations, owner of two others, and founder and president of a 501c3 non-profit, Corey puts his experience and acumen from all three to work for his clients on day one.
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