Promoting a sense of belongingness among employees | Abam Mambo, MD and Principal Consultant, Belonging IQ


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People need to feel heard and seen as if they belong somewhere. Companies often overlook this in their culture which leads to employees leaving the company and staying unmotivated. We need to be over-communicative if we want to build a culture where we want our employees to have a sense of belonging. Loyalty stems out of the sense of belongingness and not the other way around. Today we talk about how companies can build a culture where their employees feel safe and get a sense of belongingness.

About Abam Mambo

  • Described by my clients as a captivating speaker, creative workplace and legal consultant, and diversity champion, I help them cultivate a culture of belonging that improves engagement and well-being, minimizes risk, and ultimately drives business results.
  • As a Speaker on Belonging, Leadership, and Culture and Creator of the Belonging Quotient, I provide sound, relevant and contextual solutions to help organizations and leaders to shift perceptions and behaviors that hamper employee engagement, performance, productivity, inclusion, and well-being.
  • I have handled complex HR issues, compliance challenges, and interactions with government officials with broad geographical experience covering North America, Africa, and Asia, and China and advised the C-suite, management, and HR/Compliance on the same.
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