Making the Daily Home Cooking & related chores less stressful | Shalini C Goyal, Founder of AMIYAA Innovations Pvt Ltd


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Cooking is an essential activity in almost all households in our country and in most homes around the world. In the post covid world, the focus on healthy eating will become stronger, and the pressure is already being felt in our home kitchens. In our multi-culture-infused multi-generational family setups, deciding on meal menus and cooking meals as per the family's diverse expectations has always been a struggle, yet not much attention is paid to it, and it continues to be ignored. About time, we stop taking this essential activity for granted and bring focus on the good that can be brought about when we make the tasks around daily home cooking easier to manage.

00:36- About Shalini C Goyal

  • Shalini C Goyal is the Founder of AMIYAA Innovations Pvt Ltd.
  • She designed an app that helps make cooking and eating at home simpler and more enjoyable.
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