How to safely Buy and Sell Crypto in 2022? | Karmen Tang, CMO, Alchemy Pay; Founder, another startup story


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Blockchain is a digital ever-growing list of data records. Such a list comprises many blocks of data, which are organized in chronological order and are linked and secured by cryptographic proofs. Blockchain is a topic everyone is talking about today. We should first understand what a blockchain is and how it works. This is exactly what we are going to learn in today's episode of TBCY.

About Karmen Tang

  • As a qualified ACA Chartered Accountant, I made the transition from working as the Financial Controller of a global advertising agency to pursuing my passion in the start-up industry.
  • With a focus on the management and growth of modern brands, I have led and executed numerous projects through my own consultancy, another startup story.
  • With experience working in London, Amsterdam, Australia, and Singapore; I have a knowledge of both Western and APAC markets.
  • Alongside my consultancy, I run a business coaching platform and Podcast to provide accountability, guidance, and creative inspiration to other entrepreneurs and content creators.
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