How Data and Machine Learning can save lives? | Netanel Eliav, Innovator, Director, Top AI, and Data Leader, and Founder of SightBit


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Machine learning and deep learning is the future. Data and information will be the most essential and influential thing. Using this data for public safety and convenience will be the central idea of most of the startups that are created in this age. Not only will the existing software be updated continuously but new products and concepts will be introduced that can help our civilization.

Today’s guest, Netanel Eliav acts as CTO & CEO of SightBit and is slated to join the company's board of directors. 2021, Netanel was chosen as one of the World's Leading AI Innovators by NVIDIA, and in 2022 he was listed among the world's top 60 AI and Data leaders. Some of Netanel's known projects are: Cylon 0.1, VizNet, etc.

About Netanel Eliav

Netanel Eliav is the CTO & CEO of SightBit which develops Artificial Intelligence Systems for Smart Detection of Adverse Situations in Water to Prevent Escalation.

By age 14, his first major product was a fork of the Sub-Seven, which acted as remote-control software, which he built to research the ability to breach the defenses of giants like Microsoft and Symantec.

Netanel went on to earn a B.A. in Economics, an MBA in Strategy, and a MSc in Computer Science. He is also a member of The Israel Information Technology (IT) Association.

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