Future of India and China Relations | Maj Gen Dr. Rajan Kochhar, VSM, Author, Breaking the Chinese Myth


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The world is aware of India and China's military relations owing to the rights over disputed areas of the territory. With rising clashes between the armies of the two countries, there is always a fear of war. China has managed to make a global name for its military power. But if the war situation arises, does India really lack behind? What are India’s advantages over China, and what are the strategies that China is using to dominate the countries? We have your answers covered in our today’s discussion with Major general Dr. Rajan Kochhar.

About Major General Dr. Rajan Kochhar:

  • General Kochhar is the Vice Chairman of the National Council of News and Broadcasting.
  • He is also the author of the book titled, “Breaking the Chinese Myth.”
  • General Kochhar recalls his cadet days and the physical challenges he faced.
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