A Game-based Savings and Investment Application for the Gen-Z of India | Manish Maryada, Founder and CEO, Fello


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Starting a Business is one of the biggest challenges any entrepreneur will face. There are many questions to answer at the very beginning when starting a business, but the most difficult one is the question of what exactly you want to do.

About Manish Maryada

  • I am Manish Maryada, Founder, and CEO of Fello-an EF and Y Combinator-backed company.
  • I have been associated with the fintech ecosystem for over 6+ years and helped in scaling early-stage startups like Koinex and Flobiz across Product, Strategy, and Operations.
  • At Koinex, I was one of the first team members and worked along with the founders in scaling the company to an exchange doing a trading volume of $265M USD per day.
  • Post-Koinex and Flobiz, I have been one of the Founders in Residence of EF-Bangalore 4th Cohort where I started to build Fello in 2021.
  • My fintech expertise is complemented by a Master’s Degree in Finance from Texas A&M University College Station.
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