106) Talking Business and Mental Health with Gretchen Hernandez


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In this episode I speak with Business Process coach and mindset coach, Gretchen Hernandez. We talk about the importance of the mind body connection and making our emotional and mental health a priority in both our personal and professional life. Gretchen also discusses her new affordable membership program that can help you get those ideas in your head and turn them into a product if the timing is right for you. Unshakable Business Co-Lab is open for enrollment Oct 21-31st.

Gretchen helps entrepreneurs get their businesses running smoothly & profitably while putting Mental Health first. She leverages her 28 years experience in Biotech as a scientist, systems specialist and business & cultural transformation coach. Gretchen is also a Mental Health & LGBTQ advocate. If you want to learn more about her or sign up for her program, click on the link below. www.myfreedomgrove.com/join

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