104) Talking Suicide with Corinne Crabtree


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In this episode I speak with fellow coach Corinne Crabtree. We discuss the challenges of her upbringing that led to a suicide attempt at the age of 17. She also shares the brain BS around was going on in her mind back then and the brain BS that can still get triggered even after all her success and accomplishments. This is a great window into the life of young Corinne Crabtree and how she was able to transform it into something special and magical.
Corinne is a certified personal trainer and Master Certified Life Coach who lost 100 pounds 15 years ago and inspires, teaches and coaches women to lose weight for good, and feel as amazing as they deserve. Corinne’s helped over 700,000 women achieve their weightloss goals through her Losing 100 Pounds podcast, numerous free trainings and her signature program: The No BS Weightloss Program.

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