103) Shooting the BS with Renata Musial/The Happy Lawyer


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In this episode I speak with fellow coach Renata Musial. We discuss the Brain BS around perceived failure, the art of making big pivots in life, all or nothing thinking and the power of thought work . She also shares a tip at the end of the episode that can help you to manage your mind when you are about to do something you are dreading.
Renata is the Happy Lawyer Coach. An attorney herself, she helps women in the profession to create harmony in their life and career while also making a lot more money. She is the host of "Happy Lawyer, “ a weekly podcast where she shares her insights and teaches coaching tools attorneys can use daily. Renata is a certified coach from The Life Coach School, a year-long iced-coffee drinker (but never pumpkin spice!) and a mom of three who lives in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. If you are interested in working with Renata, click on the links below.
I also want to note that I make a reference to personal empowermenr month but I have since declared after a Covid pivot, that every month is personal empowerment month :)

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