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The Brain BS Podcast helps you to create a nervous system for success by showing you how to master your brain BS. Yes, it really is possible to achieve success AND feel calm, centered and confident most of the time. Maureen Kafkis learned this the hard way. When she stopped looking to others for the answers, everything became clear to her.She discovered that everybody's path will look different and that is not a problem. She learned how to transform herself and to identify what success means to her and how to measure it. She can help you to do that too. If you are finally ready to identify and claim the success that is waiting for you, you are in the right place. Maureen can help you to master your brain BS at your own pace, so that you can create a nervous system for success. Check out to learn more about Maureen Kafkis, the Brain BS Coach. You can also access show notes there for the guests on the podcast. Join The Brain BS Podcast Community on FB to if you would like to interact with Maureen or be a guest on the podcast. Here is the link:

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