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This show is inspired by the recent questions I have been receiving about my daily diet.

2022 has been a year of changes in my philosophy and critical thinking, leading me to second guess some of the foundational elements of the ancestral health movement, and accordingly, embarking on an experiment to modify my long time dietary practices, such as fasting in the morning and watching my caloric intake to maintain health and body composition. I started playing around with different methods, making an effort to consume more daily calories and finding that it actually resulted in positive changes.

You will hear about all the differences I have noticed since I started eating differently (and more!), what consuming carbs in the morning does to your stress hormone response, and what I eat in a typical day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in detail.


In the past six months, Brad has changed from partially fasting until noon to eating significantly more calories. Brad has done some critical thinking about some of the foundational elements of the ancestral health movement. [00:19]

Consuming some carbs first thing in the morning will turn down the stress hormone response which is widely regarded as a desirable way to wake up in the morning. [01:14]

A big bowl of fruit in the morning is sometimes followed by an egg dish. Few vegetables are in Brad’s diet. [06:03]

Even though Brad has been eating more calories, his body weight remains the same. [09:46]

Fasting does have some benefits like just keeping you away from the things that are not good for you like nutrient deficient foods. [11:58]

Brad’s early morning smoothie with lots of fruit, frozen liver and bone broth starts his day with a bang. {13:05]

We have a strongly wired appetite mechanism that will drive us to consume sufficient protein. Supplements really help. [17:35]

Dark chocolate is a must throughout Brad’s day. [20:33]

By midday, Brad is ready to prepare a proper meal. There is a big vote for red meat. [22:34]

Fish intake has been decreasing for Brad as the ocean becomes more polluted and fishing practices become more adverse. [27:45]

When you are listening to this podcast, we hope you are really hearing the information and taking it in. [29:43]


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