Taking The First Steps For Fat Loss: Clean Up Diet And Move More! (Breather Episode with Brad)


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In this episode, I will share a bunch of comments from both experts and listeners as I continue to ponder the big picture question of whether healthy fit folks might want to rethink the “obligation” to fast, restrict carbs, restrict eating windows and prioritize fat burning to the extreme—because these trigger survival mechanisms can be possibly too stressful when combined with a devoted athletic regimen as well as hectic, high stress modern life in general.

However, we might best frame the discussion into the distinct categories of those who want to reduce excess body fat and those at healthy body composition with peak performance goals. In this show I present the gateway to being prepared to succeed with fat reduction: you must eliminate processed foods and increase all forms of general everyday movement, and not discuss anything else until you have a good groove with these objectives. You’ll learn why Dr. Herman Pontzer claims any diet is essentially a “gimmick,” why it’s impossible to get fat on a clean diet, why most of the benefits of time restricted feeding come from calorie restriction, and how these diets do work if the whole “eat less food, exercise more” idea for sure doesn’t work.


Fasting, restricting carbs, restricting eating windows all create stress mechanisms. [01:17]

People use different diet strategies toward their goal of reducing excess body fat. [03:34]

Eating less food and exercising more does not work for fat reduction because your body slows down and your metabolic dials turn down. [06:52]

First eliminate the industrial seed oils. The niche diets are effective largely because of what they eliminate, rather than the magical benefits of what’s comprised in the diet. [09:09]

Refined sugars and refined grains, as well as natural plant toxins produce endotoxins in the gut. [12:17]

Anything ending in “itis” like colitis, arthritis, gastritis, asthma, allergies, etc. can be associated with plant toxins in your system. [17:53]

The best way to get started on the elimination diet would be the 30-day carnivore experiment where you are eating strictly animal foods. [22:26]
Diet is one component of being healthy and getting yourself primed for fat reduction. The other stuff is lifestyle related. It is easy to get pushed into over-consumption and have poor sleep habits. [25:26]

Long periods of stillness promote chronic inflammation in the body. [29:00]

Get healthy first by eliminating the processed foods, the oils, and plant toxins, and your appetite will be regulated. [30:12]


    "It is virtually impossible to get fat, to become obese, to continue to add body fat over time if you eat wholesome, healthy, nutritious foods and eliminate processed foods." (Lustig)
  • "It’s not about the calories that you burn, it’s about the movement itself." (Sisson)

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