Sorting Out The Controversy Between Energy Balance And The Ancestral Health Fasting/Keto Model (Breather Episode with Brad)


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When talking about backing off of fasting and restrictive eating and eating more nutritious calories to be more healthy and more active, are we rejecting the widely validated health benefits of things like ketone production and fasting-induced autophagy? Absolutely not, but we might want to reflect how restrictive eating benefits those with metabolic damage more so than those with metabolic health.

In this show I share insights on the topic from numerous experts, including #listentothesisson primal OG Mark Sisson, Mike Mutzel of High Intensity Health, my longtime primal colleague Dr. Lindsay Taylor, podcaster and author (and deep dietary experimenter) Melanie Avalon, Dr. Cate Shanahan, Health coach and former podcast guest Ryan Baxter (who consumed 600 extra calories per day for a year and didn’t gain weight, a great validation of the additive model of energy expenditure), and also quotes from an article about the energy deficiency struggles of USA national champion distance runner Elise Cranny - and how she ate her way back to top form. Listen in and learn how to best strategize the use of fasting, low-carb/keto, and intense exercise and how to avoid the pitfalls of energy deficiency and overly-stressful lifestyle circumstances.


We get into controversy calling into question some of the many pillars of the ancestral health movement. [01:25]

Getting away from the standard American diet of nutrient deficient processed foods hamper energy production. [04:35]

Folks who are in the lowest metabolic health category will benefit the most from cleaning up their diets. [07:48]

Triglycerides to HDL ratio is the single most important category in your blood work to watch to track heart disease risk factors. [09:43]

Even a healthy, athletic, lean, fit person could potentially be experiencing some adverse effects of the chronically minimal insulin in the diet. [13:55]

When we are trying to optimize the model of ancestral health, it is important to reflect how some of these things apply to modern life. [15:05]

We're asking way more from our bodies, from our minds and from our stress response than the ancestral, hunter gatherer. [20:53]

Brad is comparing and contrasting expert insights between the energy balance concept and strict ancestral boilerplate. [26:30]

The research validates that exercise boosts autophagy quicker and more intensely than fasting. [29:10]

Most of the benefits of fasting come from calorie restriction plus a heightened awareness of what you are putting in your mouth. [33:20]

There’s a difference in the way different carbs and different fats are metabolized. [40:11]

Overtraining and not eating enough can really throw you off. [42:08]

You have to be healthy to be an elite athlete. [45:55]

There’s no doubt that the restricted diets aren’t for everybody. [52:28]

Fat is survival and nutritious carbs are ideal for maximum cellular energy production and turning up all those dials. [56:38]


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