Sean McCormick: 8 Categories Of Self-Evaluation And Destroying Self-Limiting Beliefs With The Stop Method


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Sean McCormick is the host of the Optimal Performance podcast, and he is all about optimal performance in many different areas of life.

This is a wide-ranging show that delivers a ton of precise and actionable tips, with particular focus on overcoming self-limiting beliefs. Sean is a life coach and cutting-edge biohacker from the Seattle area who blends a variety of different expert strategies to help clients be the best they can be. This interview will seem like a real live free coaching session where you get to ask yourself some hard questions about what’s in the way of optimal performance and happiness. One of my biggest challenges is the distraction presented by the email inbox. We tackle that particular issue head on at one point in the show! You’ll also learn what Sean’s eight categories are for evaluating where you’re at in life, and four steps of the STOP method.


Good coaches are masters at getting the best out of you through penetrating questions and challenging you. [02:09]

There are eight categories that evaluate how things are going in your life. [05:10]

Sean talks about how his podcast is unique. Conversation is what moves the needle. [06:57]

There is so much information bombarding us every day, it is easy to get overloaded. [19:04]

It takes a lot of courage to slow down. [21:29]

Coaching is in four different categories: personal development, biohacking, professional development, and spiritual development. [26:23]

One can assess their life by looking at categories that are health, family, money, your environment, spiritual development, romance and intimacy, life purpose, and fun and recreation. [31:00]

Changing “I need to….” or “I should…” to “It’s important that I ……” makes a difference. [32:31]

Ninety-seven percent of all of our decisions throughout the day are directed by the subconscious mind. [36:09]

How do we get rid of negative emotions like anger? There are four steps to the STOP method. [40:55]

If the STOP method steps are not followed, we need to look deeper to find out where the resistance is. [54:15]

Learning to “email batch” is a good way to be organized rather than overwhelmed. [58:40]

Useful biohacking tools include blue blocking eyewear and X3 bar. LED lighting is flickering even though only our brain perceives it. [01:04:04]

The X3 bar is a game changer. And turn off your Wifi when you go to sleep at night. [01:08:56]

Blood restriction restricts the flow of blood to your limbs and makes your body work harder. [01:12:14]



  • "Conversation is what moves the needle."

  • "Slow Down. Pump the brakes."

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