Sara Banta: Meat And Fruit Momentum, Healing Leaky Gut, And Optimizing Digestion And Supplementation


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I welcome Sara Banta back to the show, the health queen of and Accelerated Health Radio, a show I have been on a few times.

We’re hitting it hard today with a variety of mostly diet-related topics, and she is also a supplement expert with some really cutting-edge products, so you’re going to hear a lot of pitches for supplements, which may or may not appeal to you depending on your current health state, but if you are not feeling great—if you suffer from gas, bloating, digestive pain after meals routinely, or if things just aren’t feeling right or snappy—then I think you will get a lot out of listening to Sara’s story, as it is pretty eye-opening. It also may inspire you to look a little further or explore some of the ways we can boost our health through supplementation, along with making the proper choices when it comes to food, sleep, and exercise.

You’ll hear how Sara’s son was diagnosed with leukemia at 10 years old, and how she brought him out of that state into perfect health with the use of colloidal silver, as well as how her family experienced no symptoms of Covid despite all testing positive for it. We also talk about how to make the best choices when following an animal based diet, how we both separately came to this “meat and fruit” emphasis in our current diets, why Sara wants us to choose wild meat like bison and elk, why red meat is superior to monogastric animals (think chicken, pork, and turkey), and why our current environment makes the importance of supplements (iodine in particular) more pressing than ever.


Supplements go along with eating healthy food choices. [01:12]

Sara’s journey into health products was accelerated by her own illnesses as well as her son’s. [05:08]

The health solutions Sara believes in are all natural that boost the immune system and detox the body. [07:02]

We need to look at what is out of balance emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. [11:04]

Many things our bodies need are not available in our foods. Iodine, for example, is not in our food supply any more. [13:29]

Besides cold hands and feet, what other symptoms should we look for? [18:30]

Are there any sources of iodine in our food? All the sources from the sea are contaminated. [21:38]

If you get nauseous then you eat fat, you have to clean out your liver. Stay away from the sulfur vegetables. [25:05]

Wild animal protein is an important distinction. [26:24]

In the ruminant animals, with multiple stomachs, the red meat is superior to the chicken, turkey, and pork. [30:28]
Why does a strict carnivore approach help with healing leaky gut? [35:55]

How are the processed foods that are ladened with refined industrial seed oils and sugars and grains causing gut dysfunction? [39:03]

When you start losing fat weight, you are releasing some toxins. [46:15]

We hear a lot about fasting. Are there problems with that? [47:39]

There is fasting, keto, carnivore, all these different approaches. How do we know what is best for us? People can get used to anything. [51:54]

If you are unable to give up your favorite pizza or ice cream, you are sacrificing your health. You have to be careful even if you are shopping in Whole Foods Market. [01:00:44]


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