Primal Fitness Coach Expert Certification Overview, Part 4 (Breather Episode with Brad)


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Welcome to part four of the Primal Fitness Coach Expert Certification overview!

We covered the first ten chapters of the course in previous episodes, and in this episode, we’re talking about sprinting and jumping. Sprinting is the ultimate primal workout and the quintessential expression of the homo sapiens’ genetically hardwired fight or flight response. When you perform these brief explosive acts, you are getting what is considered to be a “desirable” fight or flight stimulation, but one forgotten benefit of being a fitness enthusiast is that learning to persevere through these difficult physical challenges has a strong likelihood of carrying over to real life. By learning how to hone your fight or flight and stress mechanisms, you can actually become a more calm, balanced person.


Brad reviews the first chapters that were reviewed. {00:51]

Sprinting is the ultimate primal workout and the quintessential expression of the homo sapiens, genetically hard-wired fight or flight response. [03:19]

Jumping is important but if that is difficult to adopt due to your state of fitness, you can work up to it. [05:50]

The importance of taking longer rest intervals cannot be understated. Learn the proper breathing techniques. [08:37]

This chapter talks about mindset and peak performance. The brain is the ultimate arbiter of fatigue in the body. [15:15]

Overreaching and overtraining can get you into an artificial high and you don’t realize the damage you are doing to your body. [18:06]

Rest, recovery, and sleep cannot be taken for granted. [24:01]

Unplugging from electronic devices helps for the rest and recovery. [28:04]


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