Primal Fitness Coach Expert Certification Overview, Part 3 (Breather Episode with Brad)


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The human genetic requirement for health is to engage in near constant, everyday movement—we are simply not built to sit around. If you are walking around with good muscle mass and good muscle strength, you have asked your organs to perform every time you do any kind of exercise—as soon as you start lifting a weight or jogging down the street, your heart, your lungs, kidneys, liver, everything has to kick into gear in order to support that activity. So this concept of technical failure I will be discussing in today’s show really means becoming attuned to the point where you can instantly feel when your form is starting to break down, so that is when you stop, and not a moment later.

Even if you are not interested in enrolling in the Primal Fitness Coach Certification course, there will be tons of great takeaways in this episode for anyone who wants to learn more about fitness and health by hearing this comprehensive overview of the certification course.


Brad is reviewing Parts 1 and 2 of this Certification Course Overview. [02:17]

A lot of fitness enthusiasts err by focusing only on cardio. Doing something explosive is also very important [06:58]

Turn your attention to muscle mass rather than worrying about fat. [09:53]

You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet. [12:09]

Make sure your workouts aren’t too long. Better to go hard and then go home. [14:24]

Every set that you perform at every workout is best performed to technical failure. Experience a consistent quality of effort. [19:04]

Understand your physiology as you work your body. [26:38]

Micro workouts are the number one fitness breakthrough. [28:13]

Deadlifts and squats give you many fitness benefits. Get good at hip-hinging. [30:03]

Resistance exercises are in different modalities like free weights and kettlebells. [39:58]

There is a difference between upper body and lower body exercises. [42:46]

Chapter 11 is about sprinting and jumping. Those are two of the most beneficial and quintessential human movements. [45:38]



  • "The objective is to breathe as minimally as possible through your nose only at all times for the rest of your life." (McKeown)

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