Primal Fitness Coach Expert Certification Overview, Part 2 (Breather Episode with Brad)


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Welcome to part 2 of the Primal Fitness Coach Expert Certification course overview!

We went through the introduction and chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 in part 1, and in this episode, you will learn all kinds of fantastic drills to improve balance, ranging from stuff you can do at your work desk during the day to some great challenges that you can do at the gym, as well as some useful mobility and flexibility drills (and skills) you will hear about, especially as I take you through my beloved morning routine, which includes all kinds of fun and challenging exercises. These kinds of drills are really important—as Kelly Starrett says, athletes should dedicate 20% of training time to drills and skills.

The Primal Fitness Coach Certification course has sections on everything from how to use the Bosu ball as well as a whole section on fascial restructuring and reawakening—one of the most interesting subjects I have had the opportunity to learn about as I researched this material. You’ll learn about the interconnectedness of how the whole fascial network operates, which actually encases all of our muscles—like a spiderweb that runs throughout our body. You will learn why fascial conditioning is more important (and safer) than fascial strengthening and why so many of the world’s leading athletes are second guessing our obsession and frequent application of so-called therapeutic recovery modalities—things like stretching, massage, foam rolling and jumping in the cold tub. As you will hear, the thinking behind this is when you unwind that muscular tension, you actually are unwinding some of the intended training effect—and the same applies for the inflammation that occurs after exercising—which can be counterproductive. We also discuss the GOATA method, why “the best ability for any athlete is availability,” and the exercises, skills and drills that play the biggest role in the process of aging gracefully, as well as the correct technique to use when performing them.


Brad reviews part 1 of this Primal Fitness Certification course. [01:06]
In questioning therapeutic recovery, Brad asserts that when you unwind that muscular tension, you are unwinding some of the intended training effect. [02:17]

Athletes should dedicate 20 percent of all training time to doing drills and skills. (Starrett)


Number one cause of demise for people over 65 is falling. [07:53]

Squatting technique skills are emphasized. It is, after all, a human default position. Single leg drills, too, are included. [08:50]

Cardiovascular and endurance training are covered in Chapter 7. We learn how to design and structure a program appropriately. [14:08]

When you're training for endurance, your body gets the genetic signaling going to preserve fat because that's the energy that you need to perform long distance exercise. [20:53]

Principles, benefits, and strategies for high intensity exercise are covered in Chapter 8. [24:42]

You can’t out-exercise a bad diet. [28:47]

Micro workouts integrated into your day help much better than many people realize. [30:44]

You want to exhibit precise technique at all times during workouts. [31:56]

Brad points out how many activities people go to the gym for, can be enjoyed outside, not needing the equipment. [34:23]

Technical failure is when you can still perform the exercise, but notice your technique faltering. You want to deliver a consistent quality of explosive effort during every rep. [36:21]

The body moves in three planes of motion: the sagittal plane, the frontal plane, and the transverse plane. Understand, for example, what happens when you pick up a weight off the floor. [41:48]

Micro workouts are the biggest breakthrough in the fitness scene. [44:07]

Deadlifts and squats are covered in the next chapter. These are fundamental to longevity. [48:34]

Machines are probably a good place to start for the novice. [51:03]

Chapter 11 presents comprehensive and precise instructions for how to perform a sprint workout properly. [53:27]


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