Primal Fitness Coach Expert Certification Overview, Part 1 (Breather Episode with Brad)


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I am so excited to share with you the release of this comprehensive project, one that has been two years in the making in order to create the ultimate online certification experience for the topic of fitness!

I’m talking about the Primal Fitness Coach online certification program—a home study, multimedia educational program that we believe is the single most comprehensive, online educational experience you’ll find anywhere. If you want to start a career in fitness, elevate your career in fitness, or if you just want to enhance your overall personal knowledge of all aspects of leading a healthy, active, fit, energetic lifestyle, then you will love this course. Homestudy is where it’s at these days, and in this very intensive program, it helps even more to be able to go at your own pace. You also have the perk of having endless access to the materials!

In this show, I will walk you through all the details of what you’ll be learning if you decide to embark on this guided journey on all aspects of fitness. One important point we hit on is that in this highly regimented, goal oriented, focused, driven, hectic society, it can be easy to thoughtlessly apply the same mentality to our fitness pursuits, thinking we must quantify and measure everything, and push ourselves past our breaking point. But science and the wisdom of our bodies tells us that we shouldn’t go out of our way to put up consistent results at the expense of our health, which is why the first chapter of the course is centered around the concept of Fitness for Health. Unfortunately, a lot of mainstream fitness programming is flawed and inherently overly stressful, but this episode will teach you how to draw the distinction between fitness and health— something all health conscious people must remember, as it is entirely possible to be super fit while also being unhealthy!


Home study multimedia Primal Fitness Coaching Certification is now available. The best gift you could give to yourself. [01:02]

Chapter one is entitled “Fitness for Health.” It is possible to be fit and unhealthy at the same time. [02:57]

Ideally in any workout, you should feel comfortable by taking things down a notch or two. You do not have to suffer and struggle to keep fit. [06:04]

Steady state cardio requires the same caution to overdoing it. [09:45]

Include play in your routine. [11:33]

Simon Whitfield’s 80-year-old self is his coach. Make sure you align your activities for longevity with age-appropriate workouts. [14:24]

You need to be consistent. But, of course, you can go all out once in a while. [19:17]

The second chapter of the course is about everyday movement. Just moving more in daily life, is possibly more important than adhere to a devoted fitness regimen. [23:42]

The third chapter is called Human Posture and Movement Fundamentals. Standing improperly causes back pain. Learn good posture. [32:01]

Workplace variation includes stand-up desks but many other things that give you variation. Can you walk while on a phone call? [36:42]

Breathing properly is covered in Chapter Four. Deep breaths are associated with stress and shallow calm relaxing breaths are associated with relaxation. [39:18]

The BOLT test analyzes the tolerance of carbon dioxide in your body. [47:16]

The do’s and dont's of proper stretching is covered in the next chapter. It is a fundamental element of fitness. [50:30]

Mobility, flexibility, balance, and injury prevention skills are taught in Chapter Six. [54:20]


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