Optimizing Your Animal-Based Diet, Part 4: Carnivore Scores Food Rankings Chart, ontinued (Breather Episode with Brad)


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Welcome to part four of this series all about optimizing an animal-based diet.

In previous installments, we discussed the rationale behind an animal-based diet and the benefits of eliminating toxic, modern foods from your life, the two major shifts I went through in recent years that put me on a totally different path diet wise, and what has prompted me to completely rethink the necessity of the implementation of restrictive diets when we already put our bodies under stress. We also touched a bit on the Carnivore Scores Food Rankings chart last week and why red meat is vastly superior to chicken and turkey, and in this episode, we continue our journey through the different tiers of the Carnivore Scores Food Rankings chart (click here for free download) to identify why certain foods are categorized as “Global-All Stars”, which plant foods have earned a spot on the list thanks to their unique nutritional value, the Harvard study that revealed regularly consuming fish helps dramatically with reducing your risk of heart disease and the benefits (especially the omega 3 content) outweigh the potential risks of ingesting toxins from fish caught in polluted waters, and more!


This is part 4 of the discussion of the animal-based diet. Brad gives a review of the first three parts. [01:02]

100% grass fed meat selection is the healthiest option, along with humanely raised pork and chicken. The old story that red meat is bad, has been disproven. [03:32]

The ruminant animal has a digestive system that is highly specialized and differs from the human animal. [08:15]

You have probably heard the stats about how cows contribute to global warming, but it is well-known that plant agriculture makes a similar contribution to the concerns about the planet. [11:05]

An animal killed under stressful conditions, will have an adverse effect on the tissues that you are eating. [12:52]

Truly pasture-raised eggs are going to deliver an end product that has up to 10 times more Omega 3s than conventionally raised eggs. [17:34]

It is now known with great certainty that your dietary cholesterol consumption has no effect on your blood cholesterol levels. [22:46]

The regular consumption of fish helps dramatically reduce the risk of heart disease. Wild caught, oily, cold-water fish is a great source of nutrition. [27:21]

SMASH stands for sardines, mackerel, anchovies, salmon, and herring is the recommended family of fish for your consumption. [36:21]

Shellfish is an excellent source of mono unsaturated fatty acids and Omega-3. [38:26]

The sources of your chicken, turkey, and pork take much scrutiny. [39:25]

Raw, fermented, unpasteurized, unsweetened, high fat, low carbohydrate, organic dairy should be your first choice. [43:45]


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