Optimizing Your Animal-Based Diet, Part 3: Carnivore Scores Food Rankings Chart (Breather episode with Brad)


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Welcome to part three of this series all about optimizing your animal-based diet.

In previous installments (part one and part two) I talked about the rationale behind and the benefits of following an animal-based diet, effective methods for losing excess body fat, especially the concept that you must get healthy first before contemplating any goal such as losing excess body fat—and this largely happens by cleaning up your diet and ditching the ‘Big Three’ toxic modern, processed foods. I also discussed the fundamental shifts I have experienced in philosophy and dietary strategy—the first one coming in early 2019 via Dr. Paul Saladino and Dr. Shawn Baker and the realization that plant foods do not contribute maximum nutrient density to your diet, and that the most nutrient dense foods are found in the animal kingdom. The second came this year, in 2022, from Jay Feldman’s energy balance podcast and his bioenergetic model of health, whereby you want to give your cells optimal fuel/nutrition at all times to minimize the stress of your peak performance and athletic recovery efforts. Because practices like low-carb/keto and time-restricted feeding turn on stress hormones, if you are going for optimal health (and I talked about the difference between what is possible and what is optimal in the first show), then partaking in any activity that turns on stress hormones is not ideal.

Since I always want to keep an open mind and be reflective, this has led me to conclude that I no longer need to fast or restrict carbohydrates, as I am trying so hard to perform athletically and recover. As you will hear during this episode, if you want to be healthy and energetic, you may as well adhere to this concept of eating more, nutritious foods, becoming more active, and building and maintaining lean muscle mass throughout life—and this show will help you identify all of those ultra nutritious foods as I walk you through the newly revised Carnivore Scores chart. After listening to the episode, be sure to download the chart and print a few copies out—stick one on your fridge and place another in your reusable shopping bag to take with you when you go shopping for groceries.


You must get healthy first before you contemplate a goal like reducing excess body fat. [01:01]

Fasting, keto, low carb, time-restricted feedings all turn on stress hormones. [03:08]

What is absent from Brad’s Carnivore chart are the big three toxic modern foods. [04:55]

Plant foods lack many of the important agents that are available in animal protein. [09:16]

Looking at the Carnivore chart listing the Global Allstars, we see grass-fed liver is the world’s most nutrient dense food. It is very affordable. [10:15]

Oysters, along with salmon roe and caviar, are in the top category for nutrition. [16:57]

A surprise addition to the Global Allstars on Brads Carnivore Chart is fruit. Berries are the best. [18:31]

What we're trying to do is adapt the ancestral model into the realities of hectic, high stress, digital modern life. [30:39]

Organic is best when eating the skin of the fruit. If you are not going to consume the skin, then organic is not quite so important. [33:48]

Animal organs, including liver, is the next group to look at. If eating these organs, doesn’t appeal, you can consume desiccated organ meats in capsules. [36:40]

Like supports like is what we mean when we talk about eating the various organ meats helping our bodies. [40:02]

Bone broth is the distillation of the agents contained inside the bones. Bone broth is the best way to get your collagen. [43:37]


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