Optimizing Your Animal-Based Diet, Part 2: Brad's Recent Major Revisions (Brather Episode with Brad)


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Welcome to part two in this multi-part series all about optimizing your animal based diet!

In this show I will focus on two major shifts in my approach and belief strategy that occurred in recent years—one of them being my first exposure to the carnivore rationale in 2019, thanks to Dr. Paul Saladino (and Dr. Shawn Baker and other leaders of the carnivore approach), my second being more recent in May 2022, when I discovered Jay Feldman and his wonderful Energy Balance podcast.

This show will teach you how you can optimize your animal-based diet, first starting with a discussion about plant foods, plant toxins, and why fruit and plants impact your body and digestion differently. You will find out which foods are the most nutrient dense foods on the planet, and if you have been staying away from honey because of the sugar content, then this episode may change your mind about consuming honey! You will also hear the truth about what fasting and dietary restriction does to your body, the problems that come from cutting out carbs, what the presence of stubborn excess body fat can often signify, and the true key to longevity.


Dr. Saladino believes that plant foods are unnecessary and don’t contribute to nutrient density. [01:04]

Animal foods represent the nutrient density of human evolution. [04:43]

The arguments that red meat causes cancer and eggs will cause heart attacks has been strongly disproven. [07:06]

What about plants? Plants contain natural toxins designed to ward off predators. [11:28]

Dr. Axe’s top 30 list of the most nutrient dense foods is discussed. [22:54]

If you consume the plants’ leaves and stems, the plant is dead. By contrast, if you eat the fruit of a plant, the plant essentially wants you to consume that fruit. [27:09]

Dr. Saladino, previously completely carnivore, has added honey and fruit to be more balanced with carbs. [30:06]

Cells want to be optimally fueled at all times to achieve optimal energy production in the body to minimize stress. [34:55]

The Minnesota Starvation Experiment results gave us much knowledge of what starvation (fasting) does to insulin levels and ketone production. [38:53]

Preserving functional muscle strength throughout life is widely regarded as the key to longevity. [40:46]

Fasting and dietary restriction can lead to not getting enough nutrition. These cause stress which works against your goal of being healthier. [43:57]

When you restrict all carbs, you are missing the benefits of fruit and other important nutrient carbs. When you feel better after fasting or restricting it may be because of what you are NOT eating rather than what you are eating. [47:04]

If you are carrying around excess body fat, it is probably not from eating too many nutritious calories, but rather eating foods that hamper energy production that screw up your metabolism. [50:18]



  • "If you want to live longer, lift more weights and eat more protein." (Robb Wolf)
  • Never, in the history of the world, has there been a 90-year-old walking around saying, “Gosh, I wish I didn't have so much muscle mass.” (Peter Attia)

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