Optimizing Your Animal-Based Diet, Part 1: Rationale, Benefits, And Losing Fat (Breather Episode with Brad)


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What is the best way to eat? How about we go deep and sort everything out in a reasonable, thoughtful manner?

This is going to be a multi-part presentation, with part one focusing on the rationale for eating an animal based diet. This topic can get so confusing, controversial and frustrating, and this episode, I am making a great effort to get sensible and simplify things, with facts backed by respected science to help you choose the best foods and steer clear of the gimmicks, the overly restrictive diets, the dogma and the marketing hype out there that can be so confusing to us.


What is the best way to eat? Brad is presenting a sensible simplified answer. [01:01]

Buying the organic and sustainably raised foods can be less costly than a diet of common mainstream groceries. Check out the Carnivore Scores Ranking Chart. [02:29]

The vegan and plant-based movement eliminates the most nutrient-dense foods in the name of health. [08:47]

There are benefits from ketosis. The ancestors survived on it, but it wasn’t always the best. [10:47]

The first step is stepping away from the mainstream standard western diet of processed foods. [14:47]

Being average in today’s society isn’t necessarily the best. The U.S. population today is the sickest and fattest in history. [17:34]

Even the finest restaurants and stores use refined industrial seed oils! [21:35]

The highly palatable foods with a combination of sugar and fat lead to over-consumption. [26:04]

Many diets are gimmicks. You need to understand what is best for you. It’s perfectly healthy and natural to spike glucose. [33:05]

No need for cheat days, or any crappy junk food. A healthy indulgence as a treat once in a while is fine. Use the Carnivore Score Chart from Bradkearns.com as a guide. [36:25]

The process of losing excess body fat starts with getting healthy first. [39:49]

Move more daily. [41”35]



  • "If you simply ditch processed foods, it is impossible to get fat." (Lustig)

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