Optimizing Eating And Exercise, With Energy Balance Reflections From Experts (Breather Episode with Brad)


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After discussing the importance of getting healthy first before contemplating fat reduction goals, this show addresses the big issue of the day: how does a healthy, active, fit individual with ambitious performance optimize eating.

In particular, how closely do we need to align with “ancestral” health practices like fasting or keto in hectic, high stress modern life? I’ll talk about the concept of “redundant pathways,” where we obtain similar benefits like autophagy (natural internal cellular detoxification process) through the pathways of fasting or intense exercise.

We’ll also explain with expert support how fasting and restrictive diets are most beneficial to those with metabolic damage, and less beneficial and potentially risky (of overstressing the organism and prompting undesirable compensatory slowdowns of metabolic, hormonal, or immune function) to active, fit specimens—especially females.

Finally, we quote Primal Health Coach and former podcast guest Ryan Baxter as he provides details on the constrained model of energy expenditure, including new research suggesting the constrained model only applies when you exist in an energy deficit (like a hunter-gatherer), while the additive model (exercise more, burn more calories, get leaner) is more relevant when we have an energy surplus.


Restrictive diets work because of what they eliminate rather than the magical powers of engaging in a specific eating pattern. Get healthy first. [02:43]

Dr. Paul Saladino promotes roots, seeds, stems and leaves. Watch out for plant toxins. [04:53]

Restrictive diets benefit most those folks who have the most metabolic damage. [08:02]

Can we eat too much protein? [11:40]

Dr. Tommy Wood recommends that you eat as much nutritious food as possible, of course, along with moving frequently. [17:02]

Females respond differently to fasting, carb restriction, calorie restriction, and time-restricted feeding than males do. [22:56]

Lindsay Berra reports that there are almost no incidences of restrictive dieting among elite athletes. [26:09]

Whatever direction your food intakes takes, the bottom line is to keep moving and enjoy life. [30:53]

When in positive energy balance, when you have enough calories, the relationship between your energy expenditure and your physical activity is additive. [35:19]



  • "If you want to live longer, lift more weights and eat more protein." (Wolf)
  • "Eat as much nutritious food as possible." (Wood)
  • "Reproduction, repair, growth, and locomotion are a zero-sum game." (Pontzer)

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