MOFO Mission Assignments 6-10 (Breather Episode with Brad)


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Today we’re talking about the remaining MOFO Mission Assignments and what makes them such effective and integral tools for testosterone optimization.

This episode will illustrate the importance of taking a comprehensive approach towards hormone optimization: you’ll hear about the profound effect relationships have on our hormones and learn interesting research taken from numerous global studies about testosterone. We also talk about how your lifestyle can negate the effects of supplementation and other testosterone-boosting practices, as well as what the presence of visceral fat on the body reveals about your health.

Listen to part 1 of the show here!


Male testosterone level has been declining since the 1980s. [01:35]

The visceral fat that collects around the abdominal organs secretes its own chemicals causing inflammation. [04:55]

Brad reviews part one of the MOFO Mission: sleep, clean up your diet and toxic relationships, and keep moving. [05:47]

If you don’t get up and move frequently, you will lose your ability to focus and concentrate. [13:32]

Hit it hard…..include brief explosive high intensity workouts into your fitness regimen.

There's a sweet spot for the optimal duration of your sprint efforts. Don’t overwork. [16:14]

Assignment number 7 is: take control of your life. Our connectivity to technology is proving to be harmful to the brain. [37:01]

Estrogenic compounds are everywhere in plastics and household products. Get rid of plastics that are touching your food. [46:17]

Many of the health and beauty products we use at home have chemicals that are not good for your health. Minimize your EMF exposure at night. [51:52]

Rest, recovery and restoration. You might want to learn to nap. [54:55]

Number 10 of the MOFO assignments is to quit being a dick to your wife or girlfriend. Manage your emotions. [58:44]


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