Michael Kummer: The Journey To The Ultimate Human Diet, Mindful Parenting, And The Value Of Old School Athletic Struggle And Perseverance


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I am so excited to welcome Michael Kummer to the show!

Michael is a healthy living and technology enthusiast, founder of MK Supplements (a freeze dried animal organ supplement company), and a popular blogger who has a passion for sharing information and solutions to complex problems in plain, easy to understand language. Oh, and he’s trilingual (German, English, Spanish). In this episode, Michael shares what he has learned from his past athletic endeavors, important lessons he realized about mind over body and using that tool responsibly, and some really interesting insights about parenting.

I also recently came across Michael’s fantastic website, which is full of thoughtful insights, such as five steps you can take immediately to dramatically improve your health and well-being. The five steps are:

  1. Avoid all seed and vegetable oils (and products that contain them).
  2. Avoid all processed carbs (and products that contain them).
  3. Consume predominantly meat and fat from responsibly-raised animals.
  4. Make organ meats a regular part of your diet. (If you don’t like their taste, use freeze-dried organ meat capsules.)
  5. Limit your intake of plants.

Check out Michael’s lifestyle guide on his website here.


Today’s guest helps clarify some of the dieting concepts that have been promoted. [00:50]

Avoid all seed and vegetable oils, processed carbs, grain-based products, consume meat and fat, organ meats, and limit your intake of plants. [02:50]

Mike’s athletic career in Austria framed his interest using in health and fitness. He recalls a coach that was pushing too much. [05:55]

The mind is significantly more powerful than the body. At the beginning, Mike paid little attention to nutrition. [08:37]

Mike operates by pushing through the pain as the result of the early coaching. Is that the best way? [10:14]

Even in business and in parenting one should know when to push and when to back off. [13:55]

How does Mike manage a conversation of challenge regarding his nutrition advice? [17:46]

Does there have to be a natural talent to succeed in sport? [23:19]

After moving to the US for his work in technology, Mike’s career has evolved into the fitness blogging. [29:18]

After watching Supersize Me, Mike’s life changed. His family went paleo, His stomach problems disappeared. [34:42]

Before working out, is it better to work out in a fasted state and then fuel? [42:42]

Fasting works for some people depending on the workout regimen, time of day, amount of carbs consumed before. It’s a very individual decision for what works best. [45:47]

Exercise, fasting and changing your diet can be stressors or are likely stressors to your body. If you are already stressed out, it’s probably not a good day to fast. [47:46]

Having evolved from the standard American diet, to paleo, then keto, then carnivore, is Mike thinking the is at the ultimate level? [52:01]

How did Mike make the decision to home-school his kids? [56:34]

Freeze dried organ meats are an important part of the nose to tail diet plan. [01:03:29]

A more simple life is in the future for Mike and his family even though he is a tech whiz. [01:09:25]


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