Melanie Avalon: Avoiding Endocrine Disruptors And Toxic Skin Care Products


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The products we put onto our skin and into our bodies every day can have a profound effect on our health. In this episode, Melanie Avalon returns to the podcast for an important discussion about the various ways endocrine disruptors, which are found in everything from skincare to soap to detergent to deodorant (and countless cosmetics, like lipstick!) pose a major health risk.

As I’ve discussed on the show before, paying close attention to the ingredients found in every product you buy, from cleaning supplies for your home to skin and body care to laundry detergent to makeup, is one of the best things you can do for your health. Unfortunately, the amount of toxic products out there still outweighs the amount of non-toxic ones, so you have to take matters into your own hands and do your own research in order to avoid extra exposure to endocrine disruptors. In this episode, Melanie explains how certain toxic compounds interact with each other and how this can actually increase toxicity levels, why you can’t just trust whatever products that claim to be “natural,” and the clean product lines she does recommend. She also reveals the connection between endocrine disruptors and carcinogens, why certain ingredients have such a profound effect on all aspects of our health, the amount of ingredients that have long been banned in Europe but are still common in America, and much more.

Melanie is the host of two podcasts: The Intermittent Fasting Podcast with New York Times bestseller Gin Stephens and The Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast, where she interviews the world’s top experts on a myriad of health and wellness topics. To listen to my previous interview with Melanie, Intermittent Fasting, A Healthy Diet Mentality, And How Both High Fat/Low Carb and High Carb/Low Fat Can Be Effective For Weight Loss, click here.


Melanie talks about the bad stuff we put on our care and cosmetics. [01:18]

Brad changed his diet cold turkey from all the grains he was eating. [08:02]

If we can just clean up our diet, we are well on our way to optimum health. The rest is just fine tuning. [11:44]

The US has about a dozen compounds that are banned compared to Europe which has banned thousands of toxins. [13:36]

If you see the word fragrance on the label, it might be because they are protecting their trade secrets (recipes). [18:51]

There are endocrine disruptors which are obesogens. Carcinogens are in these products. [20:14]

Anything you put in and on your body has the potential for damage. [26:26]

“Natural” isn’t always safe. [32:22]

Just as government’s regulations do poorly on cosmetic’s safety, it is the same for its overseeing food safety. [43:10]

What about soy? [47:46]

Because one does not feel the effects of using these products, they are unaware of what is happening in the body in the long run. [50:40]

The products that are tested and found to be very safe are available in the US when you look for them. [57:12]

Some products can take the place of skin peel treatment. [59:55]

Males need to pay attention to their skin drying. [01:02:35]


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