Meet The Meat Mafia: Cleaning Up Your Diet And Rejecting Conventional Wisdom


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It’s time to talk to the Meat Mafia!

I have two very interesting guests today—Harrison Gray (Clemenza) and Brett Sollozo, the hosts of the Meat Mafia podcast.​​ These Twitter sensations have been doing a fantastic job enthusiastically spreading the word (especially to their younger demographic) about cleaning up your diet, focusing on nutrient density, and second guessing the industrialized food system and the misinformation we’ve been presented about it through their podcast. You’ll hear Brett and Clemenza talk about the events that led to their health awakening, how the health problems Brett faced in his youth ended up leaving him hospitalized (plus many expensive treatments), the extreme endurance goals they are now both pursuing, and the food they use to fuel these endeavors. You will hear about the exact foods they eat in their thoughtful and intentional diet, and some may surprise you (hint: a certain type of fruit juice gets on the list!), the core tenants of the Meat Mafia lifestyle, and much more!


The Meat Mafia guys started at a young age to realize that animal-based diet was the healthiest for them. [00:53]

Their mission is to question what has gone wrong with the food system and how to create some sustainable solutions to make people healthier. [05:15]

Brett had a terrible physical problem when only 21 years old. Being told he would be on medication forever prompted him to investigate a healthier diet. [06:55]

Was it the processed foods or the plants taking him down? You can be eating well and then lifestyle can change and you go back to what is not good. [10:11]

The Meat Mafia is really connecting with people in their age group to educate them on how to enjoy preparing their own real food. [15:19]

It is so easy to get drawn into the hyper palatable foods in the inner aisles of the market. Most super markets have about 33,000 products controlled by about 10 companies! They know how to draw you in. [19:23]

When we are used to some foods, it is difficult to change, but it doesn’t take long to lose the craving when you know it is not good for you. Your taste buds do evolve. [22:40]

Your mentality can be hijacked. [24:29]

Anyone who suffers from a physical ailment owes it to themself to embark on diet experimentation. [26:46]

Learning to cook your own healthy meals can turn into a very exciting hobby. [30:27]

Your environment is very important in keeping you on track. [32:55]

Harry and Brett were baseball players. How did they jump into deep endurance? [35:30]

What are some insights they have learned from their guests? [47:59]

What does the regenerative farming mean? [52:52]

Some farming can be done carbon negative. [56:17]

Mono cropping agriculture, factory farming, is a great contributor to the environmental problem. [59:40]



  • “I wasn’t giving my genes what they wanted and it kind of caught up to me when I was 21.” –Brett Clemenza

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