Max Casa: The Mind-Blowing Benefits Of Sensory Deprivation


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Get ready for a groovy show with Max Casa!

Max is an expert on float therapy—you may have seen or heard about sensory deprivation tanks, and centers devoted to this practice have been popping up all over the world, as it has become incredibly popular in recent years. I did my first float five year ago and I have been feeling inspired to go back regularly, as I can attest that there really is no other experience, therapeutic or otherwise, like this on the planet—most notably because you are suspended in an extremely saline solution—many times more saline than the Dead Sea! This means you can lay in water that is only a foot high and still be completely floating.

Float therapy is the only time in your life, other than when you are in the womb, when you are not subjected to the powerful force of gravity, and with the lights off and the sound quiet, you are depriving your senses for the first time. This is such a unique and powerful practice, and quieting your mind and disconnecting your mind from your body and the pressure of gravity delivers comprehensive benefits you can experience for quite some time after exiting your session. Max will detail all these benefits in this show, and one of the big benefits you can get out of this practice is the ability to absorb the extremely important mineral magnesium transdermally (through the skin). This is because when you are getting this heavy salt solution (typically made with Epsom salt at most float centers, but Max uses a custom blend that he calls ‘magnesium salt’), you are getting a nice dose of magnesium in a very efficient way as it absorbs immediately into your bloodstream. I’ve talked a lot about magnesium supplementation lately as I’ve seen a huge change personally with the addition of BiOptimizer’s Magnesium Breakthrough supplement, and it’s becoming more and more apparent that we really need to focus on magnesium supplements, because our diets just do a pretty poor job of meeting our needs—Max quotes research that says 95% of Westerners are deficient in magnesium, which has all kinds of important effects on cellular function and metabolism in the body, so a float center is a great way to up your magnesium game. We’re going to talk about floatation, magnesium, and this really interesting life change Max and his partner and their small child embarked upon recently when they left the metropolis of Boston and flew to Hawaii to live on a self-sustaining farm. This is such a cool and inspiring story to hear about young people just going for it in life—uprooting themselves and looking for that never-ending journey of personal growth. Enjoy some fun insights with Max Casa!


There is no other therapeutic treatment like float therapy. [01:00]

Max got into Float Therapy because of fighting his own physical ailments successfully. [05:54]

These float tanks are filled with about 10 to 14inches of saline water for the body to get in. There is nothing comparable to putting your mind and body into that situation. [10:23]

One of the largest stressors to our nervous system is gravitational stress. [15:36]
What happens to the brain when it's allowed to let go of that intense connection to the skeleton and the muscles? [16:34]

After a floatation session, how long does the sensory feeling last? [20:58]

Dose the person fall asleep in the chamber? Meditation? [24:20]

There are four different brain states involved in this therapy. [26:45]

Magnesium is very important for our health. Over 95% of Westerners are magnesium deficient. [30:28]

Float Therapy has become very popular around the world. There are many benefits. [36:59]


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