Mark Bell: How To Get Jacked And Tan And Other Life Lessons


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“You don’t just fall apart when you get old—it’s the bad habits that are potentially going to cause you to fall apart much faster.”

It’s time to meet the meathead millionaire, my good friend Mark Bell, co-host of the sensational podcast, Power Project. Mark is a legend in the powerlifting and fitness community, a well known fitness entrepreneur, and a free-thinking and motivated guy who is all about dedicating his time towards helping others. In this thoughtful episode Mark and I talk about fitness and diet, and it gets pretty deep at times as he opens up about important moments in his life story, like the untimely death of his role model and older brother—a tragedy that became the catalyst for him to pursue his dreams. You’ll also hear Mark talk about how he lost over 100 pounds and kept it off, the different diets he has experimented with over the last decade, how to set attainable diet and fat reduction goals, and finally, how his lifelong exploration of healthy eating has led him to meat and fruit (plus, a little bit about the special project we’re working on together!).


It’s every human being’s job to make yourself super resilient. [09:16]

Many people just sweep their problems under the rug and walk around like a stress bomb. [18:26]

Make a plan and stick with it. [22:41]

Mark’s journey from wrestling with his brothers to power lifting is detailed. [27:15]

The first thing you want to do to become a competitive power lifter is to gain weight. [37:59]

Your first rep should look like your last rep. Prioritize what you want to get good at. [40:59]

Try something totally new to what you have been doing. Do it gradually. [46:51]

Pain and injury can be your teacher. They monitor how you should be using your body. [53:11]

There are many ways to train and to train cheating the system. You always have to work around potential problems. [58:49]

Reproduction, repair, growth, and locomotion are a zero-sum game. [01:04:35]

Find what works for you. Being on a diet doesn’t have to be boring. [01:08:37]

Your relationship with food changes when you totally adjust your intake from training. [01:16:23]

When you go into power lifting, putting on weight is a good way to get stronger. [01:19:39]

What is the secret behind the slingshot? [01:21:30]

How did Mark get into the entrepreneur position after the power lifting? How did he lose the excess body weight from the 330 pounds he was carrying around? [01:25:41]

People who carry extra weight need to think about the joints wearing out as well as heart and kidneys. It’s never too late to turn the corner. [01:55:56]

Negative emotions come from negative interpretations. [02:00:25]


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