Liver King Steroid Scandal: Apologies, Messy Details, & The Importance Of A Big Picture Perspective


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Time for me to weigh in about the Liver King controversy, in light of the Nov, 2022 revelation (from leaked email documents presented in a YouTube video by Derek More Plates More Dates) linking Liver King to the use of PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) - something the Internet hatahs have long suspected him of, and that he has repeatedly point-blank denied.

Liver King and his brand are into some sh*t for sure, but it’s important to appreciate the complexity and the nuances of this Internet scandal. Here I go with my take - some brief highlights:

*Apology: Liver King owes a big one, and ideally a detailed one, to the public for being deceptive and misleading at point blank range. We deserve to get authenticity from public figures.

*Boo Hoo: If you complain that he used his physique to deceive you into buying his supplements, you’re a dummy. Get a life, get in shape, quit bein’ a hatah

*Perspective: I don’t see a USA on his singlet (since he’s always shirtless!) - he’s not an Olympic or pro athlete violating anti-doping rules. He’s playing an extreme character on the Internet - a character designed to shock, educate, motivate and inspire.

*Regimen: I assure you the Liver King lifestyle we see is legit. This guy trains, eats and lives in an extreme, intense, and competitive manner. He lives the 9 Ancestral Tenets for sure. He is pushing the boundaries of peak performance every day in every way, including it seems with the drug regimen. Ironically, he was pretty jacked before his apparently recent start on the program—really didn’t need it!

*Messy: Who the heck leaked confidential emails? Not impressed. Why would close associate Dr. Paul Saladino go nuts flaming him on IG instead of speaking to him directly and privately? BTW, I had an extensive private conversation with Liver King before publishing this.

In summary, let’s continue to demand authenticity and scrutinize public figures, but also understand and respect the importance of maintaining a healthy perspective, minding our own business when necessary, and filtering out what content is useful and rejecting the hype and drama—of which we have plenty in everyday life.


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