Listener Q&A: Screwing Up Metabolism With Dieting And Processed Foods, Scrutinizing Your Oil Products, Hydration Guidelines, And Rewiring Your Mindset To Prefer Nutritious Foods


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Welcome to another Q&A show!

I’m answering some lengthier questions submitted by listeners today and covering topics like stimulating your muscles on a different level through things like the Katalyst EMS suit and the EMsculpt (used by my podcast guest Melanie Avalon) and why taking temporary measures to lose weight results in a total disservice and disruption to your metabolic function, as evidenced by The Biggest Loser contestants who show signs of suppressed metabolic function (which was prompted by their experience on the show) even years after the show. You will hear about the profound health benefits you get from dropping excess body fat and effective methods to maintain weight loss, learn why concerns about consuming excess protein are overblown, and discover which specific age groups benefit most from increased protein intake. You’ll also hear me talk about my newly-released protein supplement, B.rad Whey Protein + Creatine Superfuel and what makes it superior to other protein powders, what waking up in the middle of the night because you’re feeling hungry means and what to do about it, and much more!


A question from Stacy is about the Katalyst, the EMF suit you wear while conducting a workout. [03:13]

Jay Dominick in Los Angeles asks why the contestants on The Biggest Loser gain all their weight back? [08:11]

Jay also asks how can people in the growing phase maximize production of growth hormone through natural methods? [21:48]

Jay asks another question: How do we know the products with avocado oil are legit? A vast majority of avocado oil in U.S. is of poor quality, mislabeled or adulterated with other oils. [26:07]
Next question is: Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night hungry? What should we do? [35:19]

Andy writes in asking about water consumption. Has there been research on the amount of water we should be taking in? [39:30]

Andreas asks Brad about what food that he has eliminated that he most craves now? [49:12]


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