Listener Q&A: Correcting Overstressing and Questions About Carb Cycling, Hormetic Stressors, and Cholesterol (Breather Show with Brad)


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We hit the Q&A hard with some really thoughtful and interesting questions on topics like:

How to correct feeling overstressed after workouts and does my Morning Exercise Routine run counter to the recommendation to avoid working the same muscle groups day after day? We also go over how MOFO can help boost testosterone, answer questions like is carb cycling an effective strategy?, and touch on second guessing hormetic stressors, as covered in my previous shows with Jay Feldman. Finally, one listener asks if an animal-based eater should try green powder and another asks about the myth that cholesterol increases in relation to egg consumption. Join the conversation by emailing


David is a fit 43-year-old struggling with stress reaction after exercise. He needs to look at revising his exercise pattern and the timing of his workouts. Most people, it seems, do workouts way more than is recommended. [03:01]

Your first rep ought to be as high quality as your final rep. [08:47]

Learn about positional parasympathetic breathing post workout and think about balancing your protein diet and rest. [09:38]

Mark Miller asks about Brad’s daily routine being in conflict with the advice that you don’t want to train the same muscle group on consecutive days. [12:44]

Mike Catlin is asking about the modifications in the diet, particularly regarding testosterone level. [18:36]

Carb cycling implies going in a ketogenic pattern and then increasing the carb intake. [27:14]

There is an important distinction between processed carbohydrates and nutrient-dense carbs. [30:09]

Many fitness enthusiasts go overboard on these things. You have to distinguish between the stress and the mechanism. [32:11]

Research shows that we spend almost 93 percent of our time in temperature-controlled locations. Occasional exposure to temperature challenges can benefit us. [40:12]

If Brad promotes animal-based diet, what is he saying about athletic greens? [47:21]

From Sweden comes Par asking about eggs and cholesterol causing heart disease. [49:57]


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