Listener Q&A: A Big Picture Perspective About Carbs, and The Power of Sprinting (Breather Episode with Brad)


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Listeners just keep sending in a variety of interesting questions and thought-provoking comments. Please join the fun by sharing your thoughts by emailing!

We’ll cover topics like: Can Two Meals A Day be just breakfast and dinner, and do caloric (and non-caloric) beverages count as breaking your fast? I discuss the many benefits of mitochondrial health, and one listener asks: what should one think when a physician says to specifically avoid eating red meat after having a colon procedure? I also read a message from a listener, Jack, who reports that Two Meals A Day has changed his life and “undone decades of damage” as well as another message from a listener who has been “mind blown” by a study showing that a few sprint workouts over just two weeks can double your time to exhaustion, which leads into the next question: can women obtain a similar benefit doing single set exercises to failure? I also talk about the importance of distinguishing between wholesome, unprocessed carbs versus refined carbs, and the big-picture perspective about the healthy role carbohydrates can play in the diet, especially for active folks, and how stacking the stress factors of intense workouts, carb restriction, extended fasting and being in the 50+ age group can be counterproductive.


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