Lindsay Berra: Food Of The Gods—Nutrition And Training Strategies Of Elite Athletes In A Variety Of Sports


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Get ready for a lively podcast on all aspects of sports with the one and only Lindsay Berra, host of the Food of the Gods podcast, longtime sports journalist across an incredible variety of sports, and longtime athlete in an amazing variety of sports as well.

Lindsay first established herself as an authority on baseball fitness and injuries through her five-year long position at, she then transitioned into a long career as a senior writer for ESPN magazine for 13 years—the highest level of sports journalism where she covered ice hockey, baseball, and three Olympic Games, among many others. We touch on topics such as golf legend and O.G. fitness freak Gary Player to whether the Dodgers should have pulled Clayton Kershaw during a perfect game to save his arm. Lindsay talks about her current passion for golf and tennis, reveals she was the Captain of her high school’s boys hockey team, and offers an amazing assortment of insights on training technology and methods used today in sports. Not only Lindsay has interviewed so many cool people—from auto racers to baseball players to Olympic athletes—but she also happens to be the oldest grandchild of Yogi and Carmen Berra, so expect to hear quite a few sensational Yogi Berra quotes that feature both his trademark humor and malaprop as well as profound life observations. My personal favorite Yogi quote is: “Baseball is 80 percent mental. The other half is physical.”


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