Is Brad Natty Or Not? The Truth Revealed! - Part 1 (Breather Episode with Brad)


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It’s time to put an end to the controversy, confusion, suspicion, admiration, and speculation and come clean. The rumor-mongers who have been saying, “How can this guy jump that high, run that fast, be that ripped, talk that fast on his podcast, jump that high, and still be natural at the age of 57?”

Fair question, and I’ve mustered up the courage to answer with complete honesty and transparency: I am 100% natural, always have been, and always will…keep an open mind about the future (as detailed in my recent podcast episode.) I’m also pretty gullible as I strongly believed Lance Armstrong as well as Liver King—thinking their incredible athleticism and devotion to training made it theoretically possible...but not as possible as I thought. I also dislike making accusations without conclusive proof, so I feel like we are compelled to give people the benefit of the doubt…until the circumstantial evidence mounts and mounts. I also give credit to investigative journalists, those who speak their truth with an informed opinion, and those involved in the anti-doping movement in elite international sports.

In part one of this two part show, I’ll detail my history as an elite triathlete who competed under international anti-doping rules and was tested a ton of times; the influence of doping during my time as a racer and how it evolved to today’s dynamics; how I formulated my values and beliefs about operating from squeaky clean model to allow my body to naturally perform, develop, and recover, without inference from even stuff like caffeine nor NSAIDS; and how I continue to operate from this natural model today, until further notice. I also provide blood test results for numerous male hormone panels that I’ve run over the past seven years. Share questions and comments by emailing and stay tuned for part 2, where I will detail a bunch of ways to optimize testosterone naturally!


Can you live “naturally” and still consider hormone replacement therapy? [01:15]

In both males and females, maintaining muscle tone and having energy, focus, motivation, sex drive, are highly dependent on optimizing one's testosterone level. [03:34]

Liver King Johnson’s recent admissions of steroid use should not take away from the hard work he has done to promote his ancestral lifestyle. [06:40]

Some people have genetic attributes without doping. A good performance doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is doping. [09:25]

Wrongly accusing one person out of 50 is a disgrace. Wait for further notice. [13:20]

There is even talk about legalizing performance enhancing drugs under physician care. [14:36]

There is a morality issues involved in this use of performance-enhancing drugs of what kind of athlete you want to be. [16:18]

When Brad was a pro triathlete, he was of the belief that the best long-term results would come from being drug free. [23:42]

The only time Brad would rationalize drug intervention would be for extreme infection or pain. [28:43]

Every single prescription drug has certain side effects that will require you to have a less stressful training regimen in order to cope with the outside intervention. [30:39]

Brad explains what to look for when you get your blood tests. Tracking your serum T is the best way to monitor your hormone status. [32:06]

Prescription drugs treat the symptom rather than the cause. Look at other areas of your lifestyle that you could improve before you get the prescription. [38:43]


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