How To Make Exercise A Lasting and Enjoyable Habit (Breather Episode with Brad)


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We’ve all heard enough excuses about how quarantine puts off fitness and puts on pounds. Enough already!

An active, fit lifestyle can happen anywhere, anytime, but it’s all about forming winning habits. In this show, you’ll gain inspiration about mindset, beliefs, and behaviors from some great former B.rad podcast guests like John Assaraf and Mark Manson. Some helpful practical tips to stay focused and motivated come from a article by Stacy Kam, and I cover those with some juicy color commentary.

Here are some quick takeaways from the show about getting a successful exercise habit going:

1. John Assaraf urges us to pursue bite-sized, reasonable, and easily sustainable goals. As you gain momentum from doing simple stuff, you can leverage that success to increase your commitment. Do not ambitiously bite off more than you can handle and set yourself up for failure.

2. Mark Manson says we routinely do this because we don’t appreciate how to get our rational thinking brain connected with our emotional, feeling brain.

3. Finally, from the Stacy Kam list and perhaps my most favorite motivator of all time - get yourself a dog and give the animal the life it deserves! Getting the dog out is mandatory and transcends the fickle forces of your motivation and judgement of the weather.

Don’t forget about the importance of making sure you have a Plan B in place, because you never know what will happen that could throw you off your pre-planned schedule. There’s also some great apps, like All Trails, that can help you stay on track by keeping your workouts fun and interesting!


Here’s how to form a powerful and sustainable habit of exercise and fitness. [01:27]

We have two brains: the feeling brain and the thinking brain. [02:11]

We are often dealing with childhood programming that locks us in to repeated patterns. [04:20]

This process is not easy. You need to learn to connect the two parts of your brain. [07:29]

Do you have a schedule that works for you? [11:58]

You want to do something that is simple, repeatable, and doable. And don’t judge the effort. [14:12]

Have a Plan B. Don’t worry about the weather. [17:08]

It’s good to get a training partner or group. Track your data but be careful doing so. [19:17]

Learn the proper technique for running. [23:02]

Vary your routes when exercising outdoors. Destination bike rides are fun. [24:29]

Combine the new habit you want to have with an already existing habit. [27:21]

Make bite-size goals so as not to take on too much and set yourself up for failure. [30:22]


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