Gabby Reece: Reflections On Parenting, Relationships, Fitness, And Living In Reverence


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What a tremendous pleasure to join Gabby Reece in person at her home in Malibu and spend some wonderful time going deep on this podcast, which is her specialty.

I am a long time fan of Gabby and her popular podcast, the Gabby Reece show, and one of the best attributes about it is how the show manages to cut through all the fluff that we engage in sometimes, and she always gets really deep insights from her guests while also offering up some herself. Gabby is also an author (I love her book My Foot Is Too Big For the Glass Slipper), a former professional volleyball player and model, a mom, an entrepreneur, and a beacon of hope (just wait until you hear what she says at the end of this show). In this episode we talk about a few different topics, touching on relationships, particularly the give and take and dynamics of her long-time marriage to Laird Hamilton, and it was great to hear her perspective and experiences regarding the reality of sustaining a long-time relationship—the challenges, the high points, and the nice middle points where you’re just existing in peace and making yourself a better person, and becoming a better person, through this healthy, authentic, open relationship. We also talk about recalibrating fitness and athletic/peak performance goals as you go through the years and seasons of life, parenting, and so much more.


How did Gabby get going with her own podcast show? [03:36]

Gabby and Laird’s podcast is a good example of couple communication. No improvising. Nothing but respect for one another. [12:01]

Taking care of your body can be done at any age. Never too late! [[18:00]

You need a certain amount of consistency in your life. As partners they help each other balance life. [22:07]

Parenting is a moving target. Often you have to parent each kid differently, even though the kids may expect that everything should be the same. [29:03]

With advice being to listen to your kid, what do you do if they don’t talk? [35:47]

In the area of sport, life has been accelerated. Let the coaches deal with those lessons, and the parent is there to deal with life lessons…human lessons. [41:26]

Never compare yourself to your past self. You may have hit your miracle and now you look ahead. [54:01]

Feel good about how you go out into the world. Just being polite is a gift to others. [57:02]

Gabby’s regimen doesn’t include fasting and she makes sure she eats enough protein. [01:02:23]

Forty percent of restaurant calories come from seed oils. [01:07:33]

It is difficult, in today’s world, not to feel overwhelmed. Take baby steps to find balance. [01:09:40]


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