Brad: Five Tips To Aging Gracefully, Part 1 - Clean Up Your Diet


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In this episode, I put together five simple, practical tips to age gracefully and optimize energy and body composition.

I’m recording this on the heels of a lot of Energy Balance commentary— my interviews with Jay Feldman and multi-part reflections on the Energy Balance concept: the idea that we want our body functioning at maximum energy production at all times so that we can feel naturally energetic and active throughout the day. We want all our dials turned up at maximum—this includes metabolic dials, processing energy efficiently so we can perform workouts and stay active and energetic throughout the day, rather than dragging ourselves through life and feeling that constant, lingering fatigue—which comes from having inferior energy production and inferior energy balance.

How does that happen—how do we even get into this situation in the first place? As you will hear in this episode, it comes from prolonged periods of stillness (which actually makes you more tired) and a lack of fitness in general. In this show, I talk about how energy is a renewable resource, explain how exercise actually makes you a more energetic person, and share ways you can actually become a more energetic person. I also share the #1 longevity factor and talk about what lean muscle mass indicates about your health, highlight the problems that come with losing muscle mass as you age, and reveal the secret to truly aging gracefully.


We want our bodies to be functioning at maximum energy production at all times. Too much stillness will actually make you more tired. [01:02]

It has become normal to assume that with aging comes accelerated decline and demise. [04:09]

Consuming processed food will lead to lifelong insidious weight gain. Get rid of toxic modern foods. [06:14]

Your choice of olive oil should be Extra Virgin First Pressed Domestic olive oil. Avocado oil is a good alternative, however, beware that all avocado oils are not created equal. [13:32]

Refined sugars and grains are nutrient deficient and prompt many physical problems. [16:46]

Another food elimination to consider is foods that are high in natural plant toxins. [18:04]

Most commercial nuts like cashews, almonds, and such can be poisonous until they are processed. [23:00]

Even if you have a gluten-free diet, you can still ingest many other things that have a similar effect. [28:29]



  • “Not only are these plant superstars unnecessary and pale in comparison when it comes to the nutrient density of animal foods, they can also be potentially problematic.”
  • “Soaking, sprouting, fermenting and cooking neutralizes plant toxins—this is why humans have been doing this for many years!”
  • "Gluttony and sloth are not the causes of obesity; they are the symptoms."

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