Fitness Strategies For Anti-Aging, Part 3 (Breather Episode with Brad)


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Welcome to fitness suggestions for anti-aging, part 3!

We got into it in parts 1 and 2 and covered a variety of important topics, citing some of the great leaders in this space like Dr. Howard Luks, Dr. Peter Attia, Mark Sisson, Rob Wolf, Dr. Doug McGuff, Dr. Craig Marker, and Jay Feldman. We previously covered different types of fitness activities, talking about aerobic conditioning and how it is intertwined with increasing all forms of general everyday movement, then resistance exercise, touching on various strategies and ideas like Dr. Doug McGuff’s wonderful big 5 workout that I’ve become a big fan of, as well as some other aspects of high intensity training—the benefits and also the way to conduct these workouts properly, as well as how powerful the preservation of fitness and lean muscle mass and aerobic conditioning is for anti-aging. Another key point made was the importance of working on your balance, mobility, and flexibility, and why visceral fat is a sign of metabolic dysfunction, declining fitness and declining hormone status.

We also did a quick overview of some diet and supplementing objectives, which we’ll be getting into in more detail in this show as we discuss the best strategies for anti-aging. To listen to part 1, click here, and here for part 2.


This show will cover diet and supplementing in detail, and then some closing comments to wrap it all up and age gracefully. [02:38]

Dr. Saladino recommends the protein intake of one gram per pound of body weight. What makes you hungry, is you are not getting your protein needs met. [03:41]

Dr. Saladino also recommends getting one gram per pound of body weight in fat. [08:56]

Carbohydrate is probably the most controversial and disputed element of diet optimization. [11:40]

It's a great idea to just go by your appetite and be sure that you're preparing ample quantities of nutrient dense, highly satisfying, enjoyable meals. [14:07]

Do we need to supplement to complete our dietary requirements? [17:00]

Creatine is very important. It goes directly to supporting your cellular production. [26:34]

Animal organ supplements are really a source of food. Liver is one of the best nutrient-dense foods. [30:39]

After covering exercise, diet and supplements, we need to remind you of the importance of sleep, rest, restoration and downtime. [34:00]

The expectations society puts on the modern woman can result in high rates of anxiety and depression. [37:23]

Magnesium is important and is lacking in today’s modern diet. [39:25]

Set yourself up for success. [43:48]


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