“Everything In Moderation” is BS, But Let’s Not Overdo It Either...(Breather Episode with Brad)


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This show was inspired by me hearing that throwaway line, “Everything in Moderation,” one too many times—particularly as it relates to our critical mission and obligation to fight a valiant battle against the many health-destructive cultural and marketing forces that we face in modern life.

Yes, I was hanging out with a group of childhood friends, talking up the nuances of my Carnivore Scores food rankings chart, and received the feedback that it’s indeed extreme for the average citizen to go looking for grass-fed liver or take organ supplements made with freeze-dried bovine testicle and so forth. Point accepted, but I think we have an unfortunate reflex to regress to the pathetic mean of today’s unhealthy, overstressed, overfat (Dr. Phil Maffetone contends 91% of the global population “overeat”) population.

Everything in moderation is a good suggestion to avoid the extremes that some of us devoted health and fitness enthusiasts can traffic in, but it’s important to emphasize that we are absolutely and desperately obligated to pursue an extreme approach to health because we have the deck stacked against us. I’ll talk plenty about how industrial seed oils are pervasive in the food supply, including (shocker) the most elite and expensive restaurants and the hallowed halls of Whole Foods Market and hot buffet.

This show examines both sides of the coin—being thoughtful and resolute to avoid overstress patterns as well as upping our game a bit, or a lot, to clean up our adverse dietary and lifestyle practices. I admit that I repeatedly err on the overstress side of the equation, as evidenced by recurring muscle soreness and minor injuries in the aftermath of my high intensity sprinting and jumping sessions. My interview with Jay Feldman, host of Energy Balance podcast, and my four-part presentation of reflections on the Energy Balance concept (coming soon), caused me to reflect on the potential for trouble when stacking an assortment of stress factors, most particularly combining fasting and/or carb restriction with high intensity workouts.

We talk through some practical suggestions to improve dietary choices, how to optimize return on investment with workouts (reference my show with Dr. Doug McGuff) and avoid the endocrine disruptors in cosmetics, skin care, food containers, and household cleaners (listen to my show with Melanie Avalon here to hear more about that). You don’t have to break your back and add stress to your life in trying to be perfect or go to the potentially overly-stressful edges of biohacking or extreme athletic training, but let’s resolve to do the best we can to break free from the many unhealthy aspects of modern life (particularly the dopamine-stimulating instant gratification addictions that were detailed in my interviews with Dr. Robert Lustig and Dr. Anna Lembke) and strive to live a life of happiness, contentment, energy and vitality.

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Everything in moderation…….is this really the best way? But let’s not overdo it either. [01:27]

Stress is cumulative. This is important to remember when you conclude that you have recovered from a workout. [05:51]

Brad reflects back on his health journey where he has been hardcore in many ways but notes there are times when research caused him to question what he was doing. [07:42]

During Brad’s triathlon career, he learned the best way to reach his potential. Many of the long- term extreme endurance athletes have heart problems. [12:11]

By learning to pay attention to your body, you may need to recalibrate your competitive goals. [15:13]

We have a tendency towards addiction toward many things like alcohol, drugs, porn, junk food. We must watch out for our tendency to look for those dopamine triggers when we exercise, too. [18:22]

Everything in moderation has brought our society to the point of seeing that two thirds of the US population is classified as overweight or obese, a serious health risk. [27:11]

We have collectively deprioritized health and fitness in favor of consumerism and instant gratification. [32:39]

We have a unique opportunity to shape the world and the future of our planet with our pocket books. [36:23]

We still are inundated with industrial seed oils but high fructose corn syrup has been decreasing. [42:51]

Skin care products are loaded with harmful toxins. Household cleaners and plastics, like what touches your food or water bottles, are dangerous. [45:07]

We are experiencing a record decline in the average male testosterone levels since the 1980s. [48:40]

The electromagnetic fields that surround us are a cause for concern. [55:0


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