2022 Emerging Trends, Revisions, And Hot Topics In Health, Part 2 (Breather Episode with Brad)


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Did you know that many exercise and health experts say that increasing all forms of everyday movement is actually far more important than adhering to a devoted fitness regimen?

In this episode, you’ll learn why as we continue discussing the latest emerging trends, revisions, and hot topics in health and ancestral living. You’ll learn effective strategies for recovery, how to work around injuries to stimulate the area in a manner that doesn’t cause additional pain, and how to take a kinder and gentler approach to high intensity training. You’ll also hear the reason why you should never workout to the point of soreness and the importance of de-emphasizing steady state cardio. I also share the most important things I have learned from my personal experience with injury recovery over the years (as well as certain setbacks!) that have had the most profound effect on the way I approach training and recovery: you’ll learn all the tips and tricks I learned from suffering from (and finally eradicating!) plantar fasciitis after 15 years (click here to watch my YouTube video explaining how I did this in just 3 short weeks!), why my 6 month “knee” was a total joke and the people who helped and/or hindered my recovery process, and much more!


What makes it impossible to gain excess body fat [1:59].

How to take a kinder, gentler approach to high intensity training [5:52].

How to know when you have pushed your body too far in training [10:25].

The best ways to break up long periods of stillness [15:05].

What more than 20 minutes of sitting does to your body, why it makes you crave carbs, and how it affects fat metabolism [20:30].

How to design formal high intensity workouts so they are not too depleting [26:35].

Incorporating time for recovery into your reps and the concept of “walking it off” [31:05].

How to expand your definition of what it means to be “fit” and the danger of being narrowly focused on steady state cardio [38:22].

My personal experience with injuries and effective recovery strategies [40:58].


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