2022 Emerging Trends, Revisions, And Hot Topics In Health, Part 1 (Breather Episode with Brad)


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Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about macros, carb intake, and confusing and contradictory health trends anymore? This episode will show you the clear pathway to doing so, while also offering tips for fine-tuning and optimizing your lifestyle in the face of new and emerging trends.

You’ll hear about the true cost of dietary obsessions and the danger of hyper-palatable, addictive foods, and I talk about the benefits I have personally experienced from consciously making the choice to stop overly scrutinizing every aspect of my diet. I also bring up the issue of dining out, since we know mostly all restaurants use canola/soy/corn oils to cook with (not to mention, sauces and salad dressings made with olive-oil “blends”, plus tons of sugar!). Is eating restaurant food ever really worth it, and if so, what foods do I make the exception for? We then move onto a discussion about the importance of aiming for digital minimalism and giving yourself enough time for down-time and self-reflection. You’ll hear about Gregg Greck’s book about Naikan, the Japanese art of self-reflection, which is a structured method for intensely meditating on our lives, our interconnections, and our missteps. You’ll hear about Gregg’s theory that while we are in production mode and zone out mode, the missing piece is putting ourselves in self-reflection mode. Finally, I talk about Monotasking by Thatcher Wine, which suggests we focus on spending substantial time reading, listening, and generally creating mono tasks we can do on purpose, as well as the benefits behind this practice.


It is a new year. How is the best way to make progress towards your goals? [01:21]

Ideas for diet and healthy living do not have to be rigid but the emphasis needs to be on eliminating processed foods. [03:42]

It is virtually impossible to increase body fat if you eat natural foods that contribute to satiety. [06:42]

The hyper palatable addictive foods disrupt the lectin processing which is responsible for feeling full and cause us to overeat. [08:51]
Find a diet that's psychologically pleasing and does not result in the consumption of excess calories. [15:25]

Every diet is a gimmick, and by and large, they work. [19:20]

The intuitive approach is where you don’t have to lock into any regimented magical process. [21:17]

Reproduction, repair, growth, and locomotion are a zero-sum game for the human. [22:30]

Be wary of the admonitions about eating too much protein. The research that talks about eating too much protein and shortening your lifespan is probably looking at inactive people. [26:40]

By itself, the body doesn’t ever make extra of anything. We have built in satiety factors that keep us optimized. [33:01]

Learn to improve our focus, our self-reflection in our downtime. Learn to live with the digital age we live in. [35:51]

Learn to be an intense listener in a conversation with another human. [42:39]



  • "Reproduction, repair, growth, and locomotion are a zero-sum game for the human." (Kelly)
  • "If you want to live longer, lift more weights and eat more protein." (Wolf)

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