Dr. Mark Cucuzzella: Staying Fit In Your 50s And Understanding Heart Disease Risks


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Get ready for an exciting, fun, and informative show with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella!

Dr. Marks returns to the podcast for an educational conversation about his incredible work practicing family medicine, how he has overhauled the dietary practices in the hospital he works at, and much more. An accomplished marathon runner, Dr. Mark owns a unique and innovative running store to promote and share his enthusiasm for the barefoot movement and minimalist footwear.

This show blends important medical recommendations with helpful information like how to assess and minimize heart disease risk factors, and you’ll learn interesting facts, like why the triglyceride to HDL ratio on your blood test is the important marker for heart disease risk factors, as well as useful info about EKG stress tests and coronary calcium score tests, and how to generally live a healthy, balanced lifestyle!


This podcast will be filled with recommendations and information about how to assess and minimize your heart disease risk factors. [01:27]

It’s good to keep a competitive edge. Running is good mental therapy. [05:40]

Mark talks about his medical history during his running experiences. [07:00]

What happens when we hit “the wall?” The Central Governor will not let you die. [14:05]

The key is to figure out how to turn it on and off. [18:30]

It is important to get more than an EKG to predict heart health. You need the coronary calcium score. [21:12]

A good measurement for your body is two times your waist should be less than your height. [29:49]

It is still taking the medical community too long to catch up with this information. [33:21]

If a person is fit and eats healthy, how does a high calcium score come in? [42:25]

Your competitive intensity and your drive can all serve to harm you if it gets out of hand.


Pre-diabetes can be making too little insulin sometimes. [51:55]

All people need to look at their individual body to see what diet is best. Is there a strategic inclusion of carbs recommended? [56:48]

The barefoot minimalist shoe lifestyle is a big part of Dr. Mark’s life right now. [01:02:04]


Where did the term “Type A” originate?

Coined in the late 1950s, the term "Type A" originated when cardiologist Meyer Friedman observed a relationship between incidences of heart disease and personality type -- namely, that those most likely to suffer a cardiac event also tended to have, in his estimation, more driven, impatient, high-stress personalities.


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