Dr. Farnoush and Dr. Arash Aftabi: Bala Enzyme Drink And A Holistic Approach To Controlling Inflammation


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I sit down in a fancy studio environment with multiple cameras and great sound to talk to a very interesting couple who created Bala Enzyme, a triple-enzyme electrolyte and anti-inflammatory sugar free energy drink. It’s a great product and the discussion will have plenty of touting of the product benefits, but there’s a bigger story here that might interest you.

Dr. Farnoush Aftabi and Dr. Arash Aftabi are a Southern California couple with successful careers as dental surgeons (endodontics and periodontics), but they started to notice their patients were struggling with painful inflammation post-surgery. Having long experimented with a holistic approach to inflammation control through supplements, they were inspired to create their innovative product called Bala Enzyme, designed to address multiple post workout needs, like hydration, recovery, joint pain relief, digestion support—it’s even immunity boosting!

In this episode, you’ll learn all about the science behind Bala Enzyme, such as how these specific enzymes and amino acids work in the body, and in particular, the difference between drinking Bala and taking easy to access non-steroid anti-inflammatory pills as Dr. Arash explains the long-term effects things like ibuprofen/Advil and Tylenol have on the body. You’ll hear about the many sensitives and complexities of the human body and Dr. Farnoush’s personal experience with recovering and healing from inflammation and why Bala Enzyme (Bala comes from “Balance”) is for everyone, and not just athletes.

Bala Enzyme is also super simple and convenient: this electrolyte and triple enzyme powdered drink mix comes in a convenient little pouch of bright orange powder that you pour into water for the ultimate electrolyte and antioxidant drink. And the orange tint actually comes from a potent serving of tumeric, along with a clean and diverse assortment of enzymes and electrolytes. The taste is also perfect as it is not too sweet and not at all artificial. Aside from the great taste and high-performing product, I also just like the way this company operates: with an incredible devotion to product quality, scientific research, convenience, and great taste. I personally like to pour a small packet into ice water and it’s so refreshing that it’s easy for me to enjoy it frequently. If you’re someone who forgets to stay hydrated or you get bored of the non-taste of water, this is a great way of making sure you’re drinking enough. There’s also three flavors to choose from (pineapple, lime, and berry) in this sugar free and zero carb beverage. If you like variety, try all 3—and use the code BRAD30 when ordering on BalaEnzyme.com to take 30% off your first order!


This husband and wife dental team is bringing to market a unique product to deal with inflammation. [02:05]

They used an enzyme called bromelain and lots of turmeric. [06:58]

She had a terrible accident and while recovering, had the time to pursue their dream. [10:29]

They are hoping their product helps more people who don’t do well with pharmaceuticals. It also helps hydration. [13:58]

Caffeine and energy drinks are full of sugar. [17:20]

Having a problem with inflammation causes breathing problems. Inflammation can be healing as well. You need balance. [31:00]

We have to be careful about taking pharmaceuticals that might mask the pain and make us feel that we can do anything. [33:08]

What is an enzyme? [36:03]

Turmeric is a very important ingredient of this product. [37:06]

Is there a downside to taking these anti-inflammatory antioxidants…can you take too many? [41:31]

Bala comes in powder form so you can take it anywhere with water. [45:17]

Some of the commonly-used medications we use can cause harm. [49:58]

What was it like to have this dream for a product and get it out there? [53:36]

How did your dental background get you enlightened to holistic health? [01:01:56]

Besides brushing and flossing is there more we need to do for good dental hygiene? [01:05:20]


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