Dr. Ellen Vora: The Anatomy Of Anxiety And How To Overcome It


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Today we’re talking about anxiety—the very prominent condition we hear about these days attached so frequently to quarantine and the massive disruption of our global lifestyle for the last couple years, as well as a long-suffering human condition.

Today’s guest, Dr. Ellen Vora, brings a fresh, memorable and unique take on anxiety—one that will give you some instantly helpful tips and tricks that you can implement into your own life. Through Dr. Vora’s expertise, you will learn simple strategies that allow you to tune into your anxiety in order to allow it to protect and guide you.

Author of the book The Anatomy of Anxiety, Dr. Vora works as a psychiatrist in New York City, practicing what I would call “holistic psychiatry”, since she deals in the field of traditional medicine while bringings in all kinds of functional and health promoting strategies and behaviors into her work with patients. In this episode, you’ll learn about the one thing that was the main driver behind Dr. Vora’s major health decline (this incidentally was also what led to her health awakening) and the two different kinds of anxiety—what causes them, and how to effectively treat them. You will also hear about Dr. Vora’s groundbreaking approach to understanding how anxiety manifests in the body and mind, which will give you a practical, effective perspective on how you can overcome it. Instead of thinking of the discomfort of anxiety as a pathology that must be labeled, Dr.Vora has reframed that discomfort instead as “a signal to heed.” Once you see anxiety from that viewpoint, you can truly reframe the term, and start seeing it as something that actually serves to alert us to the fact that something else is out of balance—in our bodies, our lives, our relationships, in the world. This anxiety, as you will hear Dr. Vora explain, is not harmful, but instead quite vital to our wellbeing, as it helps keep us focused on our goals and to recalibrate when we’re out of alignment with our life’s work.


Let’s talk about anxiety. There are two kinds: false anxiety and true anxiety. [01:12]

In treating patients, Dr. Vora began to question the impact of medications. She is more interested in prevention. [4:30]

Conventional medicine is not the answer to everything. [09:12]

Ellen’s medical training has brought her to her current practice of using lifestyle adjustments and other alternative methods. [14:23]

Does she have to get off the insurance model since she practices alternative medicine? How did she transform how she is in the world? [20:12]

Anxiety can often be traced to unrelated imbalances. One can transfer the feeling into purposeful action. [28:28]

What is the difference between true and false anxiety? {33:38]

Medical education has been bought by the pharmaceutical industry. [36:49]

There are so many things that affect mental health such as diet, lack of sleep, artificial light, inflammation, and so forth. [41:17]

How does one get motivated to adhere to the ideal lifestyle recommendations the doctor suggests? [47:00]

Do pharmaceuticals have a role in her practice? [51:12]

Are you allowed to play with the placebo effect in today’s medicine? [55:22]



  • "Genes load the gun, and the environment pulls the trigger." (Dr. Vora)
  • "Mental health is physical health." (Dr. Vora)

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